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My husband and I , with our dog, Tate, moved to Buenos Aires.. Life has never been the same since ~ Back in the USA ... life is still not the same !
It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Too Much & Thank You

My husband died a couple of years ago. We were together every minute that we could be, since we met that day in NYC in 1970.
It has been a long and difficult time for me to adjust to the many many things that a single person who mostly feels like they are from another planet has to learn .. and do ... and manage.
Ordinary things that most people know early- I did not learn .. I learned things but the things that he was used to dealing with, he continued to deal with and I was blissfully able to Not Worry.
That was his mantra... Don't Worry, and so I tried not to and most everything was alright.

I moved to Florida .. I was glad that I would have family, my Mom to be around, to catch up on things with, to be around her and just talk .. she died a couple of weeks after I moved here.

I am feeling stronger and better able to manage on my own. Although I constantly fear I will forget something Important .. I have help sometimes with some things and I am lucky to have fantastic people who do things for me so I can't manage to ruin everything.

Last night I got an email.
My Aunt had died, suddenly. She was the baby in the family. My mom was the oldest child ..
In a couple of years, I have lost my husband, my mother and now my aunt ..
I think this is the dark side of aging .. those you love grow old too ... and they go away.
Leaving you behind with so many memories, so many good times and so many tears.

I am going to take a break .. I have always wanted to be entertaining when I blog, when I told my stories about Buenos Aires and even moving back to NY .. but lately there has not been much to talk about, unless you are fascinated with my accounts of silly cat tricks and scary weather forecasts.
Someone made a snide remark to me about wrapping myself in grief ... ok ... Yes, she intended to be hurtful, she has her own problems , but it made me think that I might not be aware of how other people feel about reading what I write, when I am sad. So this is a good time for a break.

 I will be around, I might drop a little note but right now I need to set my life into the right gear and head it in a new direction .. South has been nice .. but North might be nicer ..

Sending you all  love, thank you so much for reading my blog, for commenting, for sending me emails and generally becoming friends with this madwoman with cats ...
I cannot tell you how touched I have been by some of your notes to me and thank you so much for tips on how to manage when the world as you know it just disappeared ..
I would not have been able to be even near sane without the help of my friends .. all of you .. online, in phone calls and emails .. you were there when I needed someone.

There were people who for some reason pretended to be my friends, but those kind of people don't last .. and I have been left with You .. the sweet, kind, thoughtful people that I have never met in real life but who behave the way Real Friends should ... Thank you Thank you Thank you ..

Monday, August 14, 2017

Spam & the Cats

My Spam has gotten more interesting .. not only do I get the usual offers to hook me up with gorgeous women ... ( I have no idea) ...or offering me specials in holidays , bargain shopping and today ... I got an email about my taxes due ... in Brazil.

I never did get to go to Brazil.
We talked about it but we were having so much fun in Buenos Aires, we were so happy there, we put off trips farther away .... like Brazil... where I have never been ... or owe taxes...

I worry about money. I don't care how many times all kinds of people tell me I don't have to .. I do.
Now I have to worry about Brazil.

(not really .. I am not that nutty ... yet )

So the sky was blue and pretty, it is now solid clouds ... and there is no air, no breeze at all.
Tonight we are getting storms, winds and buckets of rain.

I would much rather be worried about how many feet of snow will fall than how much rain will fall.

So how has your Monday been ?

Light hearted ....
Minnette, the little girl, who rarely makes a sound, has learned to howl.
Yes, that little blue girl sounds like something in a 1950's Horror movie.

Honey, the triple plus size kitty, has a little baby girl meow.. totally charming.

Merlin ... purrs really loud ... makes funny ack ack noises at me if I annoy him, if I keep it up, he will smack me ... with no claws.
If I annoy Minette, she lets me have it, claws and all. . meow ..

I will keep busy this week  .. preparing for my future .. What are you doing ?

Honey takes a nap

**I have been told the Spam comes from me using online websites for shopping **

Plans To Make

                                        I had to share this, it totally gave me the giggles.

Today has been one of those "lucky" days, I guess you could call it. An ordinary Monday for me, cleaning up around the house, going to the supermarket with a list this time .. although there is enough cat food in the cupboard to last until next year .. I always worry about running out .. so I go overboard.

I went to the big supermarket and bought food, no cleaning products, no paper products, just food.
Last shopping, I came home and when it was time for dinner, there was nothing to et .. but I had enough paper towels to last a flood and cat food. I should buy stock in cat food.

I went to the market, did all my food shopping and went out to the car. The man parked next to me said something and we chatted a moment .. then I got into the car .. he said something else and I stopped to hear him .... behind me a car was pulling out of a space and another car hit her.
The man stopping me, I feel , saved me from being in a car crash in the parking lot.

I scurried home.
The skies turned blue/black .. very low and menacing. I was very glad I lived nearby and the garage is connected to the townhouse.. I walked in the house, opened the doors to the lanai, the cats ran out to nap and the skies opened up.
We all dashed back inside and now .. the blue sky is back.

So it was sort of one of those missed the bad stuff by a minute kind of days ... so far ...
I am staying in .. let it rain. ( Adele)
 I have plans to make ... plotting to do ...  information to get ... balls to start rolling ...

I was thinking about the things that have happened since my husband died. The changes are huge.
From one home to another ... from one state/part of the country to another ! Living in a totally different environment ... being more isolated than I ever was in New York ..  and Managing.
If for no other reason, I am proud of myself for managing.

Let's just hope I manage to get this next adventure well planned and accomplished..

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Out West

Taken on our drive when we moved from Florida to Portland Oregon. I think this was Utah but won't swear to it ..
My husband and I with our Standard Poodle Tate, in a BMW, flying down the highway, over hills and dales ...The weather was good the entire trip, we stayed in La Quinta Inns every night ( dogs are welcome) and listened to a lot of good music.
And there was not one day of rain, nothing bad happened, we arrived in Portland and stayed in the Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel. There are so many fabulous hotels in Portland !
We stayed at the hotel while we looked for our new home .. we rented an apartment in a building that had just been completed. It was perfect .. everything about it.

The trip was perfect too. The car was good, the company was good ( my husband was a very good driver and liked to drive fast ) .. we saw cowboys and horses and mountains and rivers and a whole lot of very nice people along the way. It was a lovely time in our lives and I am happy I remember it all.  ( although these days I can say I am happy I remember ....)

so there you have it ... Out West ...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Weekend


We are going to get another storm .. ho hum.
I went to the supermarket and bought enough for a family of 4. Not counting the cats.
I felt like going for a drive but not sure where and there was some disturbance in a part of the city where someone was shot and police were there and a riot or curfew or something might happen.
I am better off here behind the gates with the cats.

I had a fun shopping time in the grocery store.
I shopped as if I was 12 or 13 ... soda, brownies, rolls and fresh Southern fried chicken and all kinds of junk ... if you must be trapped in the house with bad weather, at least be able to be a piggy ..

I made a mattress/comforter lounge in here, so the cats and I can lie down and watch movies online.
It should be interesting .. Honey takes up most of the mattress.Minette will have to lie on top of me as I teeter on the edge.

Any good suggestions for rainy weekend viewing, just let me know.

Happy Weekend You All ~

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday with the Cats

 Todays Thought is ...

I wish Life had a DELETE Button and a BLOCK Button .

You just never know when you will need one and they are so good to have .

Spam mail - Delete

An email from an idiot  - Delete & Block.

Easy peasy  ..

So onto the Fun Button of the day ...

My tooth broke ... I am not in pain but there is a dentist visit in my future.
It was grey and gloomy and relaxing and quiet ... until the tooth broke and the idiot emailed me.

Cats have been napping, seriously napping .. I should have napped more and stayed off the computer.
The weekend is here. Every day for me is sort of a weekend day ... except Sundays when things are closed, they are all the same.
Now there won't be a dentist working either .. oh joy.

Onto more cheerful stuff ...

Minette does not have a toothache.
Merlin loses teeth because he is so old but he still managed to gain weight which makes me so happy.
When I got him he was so very thin and light. Now he has heft to him .. he isn't so fragile feeling ..
And then there is Honey .. Honey has all the heft you could ask for.
She is a Big Girl. with a tiny girl meow and I still laugh when I hear her.

They have been informed ... yes, I told them to Come here and sit down, I have something to tell you.

and they looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and sat down ... Merlin lay down .. seconds later, Merlin snored.

I told them we are going to pack and go back home to New York.

Honey raised her paw ...
I said, "Yes Honey"?
She wanted to know when dinner would be ready.

Merlin got more comfortable  and snored a little.
Minette went back outside to be a Lookout for the Great Gecko  Catching Contest.
Little does she know there are no geckos within her reach .. they might be lizards but they aren't that stupid..

So that is Friday at my house ...
I know, you wonder how I manage to deal with so much excitement .. it is a secret.

A Murmuration

I have posted this before I think but I am posting it again .
This is called a Murmuration.
This was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing or seen anything like it.
It is magical and wonderful and breathtaking.

So one afternoon in the house in New York, I heard birds outside in the trees.
Seemed like a lot of them going by the sound ...

I walked out to the edge of the property and there were the farm fields ( corn) stretched for miles up the hill and out of sight ..
And in the sky but coming from the farm fields was a cloud of Starlings ..
I got to see my own Murmuration .. and most of them settled in the trees on my property when they were finished ... finished amazing me and enchanting me and making me feel like I saw something so very special .. miraculous in its way ... just imagine standing alone, a tiny human under a huge dark cloud of birds .. magical doesn't describe it .. but close enough ..

A Murmuration ~

Nap Time

It has been grey and gloomy here with not much to do except make plans and lists. Other than that, the cats and I have been perfecting our Nap expertise ... the cats win so far but I am getting much better at it ... but then, there is always someone who is better ... even when wearing a scarf.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Good Conversation


It is a cool cloudy grey day ... a fall day .. or a dreary summer day .. it is actually pleasant.
No a/c running, the wall of sliding doors downstairs is open to let in Fresh Air and there is no sound but wind in a pine tree forest and the occasional Navy Jet, rumbling over or now and then ... one goes screaming straight up ... exciting. Even if you aren't the only person on the planet and have not spoken to anyone this week besides the grocery store clerk.

But you know what ? I can't remember when the small talk with a grocery store / or any store clerk, was anything but Pleasant .. so I will not belittle that being my only source of chats this week.
Better than hour long phone calls talking about how awful the stupid people are that one works with, or what bad drivers everyone else is ...
You know what I mean, there are some people who just have nothing to say unless it is to gossip or complain.

I, on the other hand, can be depended on to talk about .... fashion, make up, Sephora and cats.
That my dears, is a sign of a good conversationalist . lol.

Friday, July 28, 2017

How Do I Do This ??

My cell phone is apparently Full.
Full of photos.
So it keeps telling me I cannot do this or that.
These photos have been downloaded into the computer, I just have to figure out how to take them all out of the phone. I did a small amount and the phone still tells me I can't come in :(

If anyone out there knows how to do things like this- please do feel free to email me or post here and tell me what to do and how.

Thank you.
Clueless Abroad

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Taking a Stroll

The cats and I were outside on the lanai, appreciating the not too hot and not too sunny day when along came a large creature, beautiful, very beautiful,  looking like this one but more beautiful.

A Florida Wolf.

He looked at me/us, we looked at him and he just strolled past and went on into the woods and disappeared.
I know now to not leave the cats out on the lanai without checking on them often .

He was gorgeous but he could go through the screens so I am considering how to manage having the possible visit by a wolf and the safety of cats ..and me .. but I think cats would attract ...

So that is the excitement for the day ... We have a Wolf.

I will name him.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Wow .. it is only 10 am and I have been so busy ... I just did some Computer Housekeeping.
As in cleaning out all those dusty old files and a gazillion emails that I saved, thinking I would want to read them again one day, not feeling good about the idea of lost forever in the internet.

But then I realized, I haven't looked at them since I read them the first time.
So there was major computer house cleaning this am and it is still early... yay for me.

In about an hour, I will be looking for something and then realize, I deleted it Forever.

I like that ... DELETE FOREVER.

That was especially satisfying for those emails from people who for whatever sick reasons they had, courted me, flattered me, emailed me , even sent me things in the real mail ... then slammed me with insults and rejection.
There are people who bored me or bothered me in some way that I didn't want to hear from but I have never actually told them why ... I don't tell people why ... I don't want to be mean to them ,.
If they were to ever email or ask why the silence ? I would make up an excuse, I don't hate them, I just wanted to not hear from them, to discontinue contact.

Funny- one person had 2 college kids .. one , the daughter, was the Golden child. The son, who seemed to be the favorite from all the gushing I read .. became an alcoholic and broke his parents hearts.
I was always sympathetic and tried to be practical and sensible, not to be gushy or make excuses for anyone.
I was dropped like a hot potato the first time I said something without lots of Poor You and Oh How Unfair Life Is ... then proceeded to actually Try To Be Helpful but sending her a list of things to be Happy about.
She totally hated that and insulted me and left the room.

After I finished laughing at how odd people really are, I shut the door firmly behind her.

So she and a few others like that ,  ... all went into the garbage bin   ... if only this happened in real life ... deleted   forever.

So now I am in the First Stage of the New Life of Me By Myself .. with cats.
So far I think I have done ok .. the next big step includes another move .. and I want to visit Buenos Aires again so there are lots of things to think about and plan.
This is all .....   a Good Thing ...

Wishing you a Good Week and Lots of Good "Stuff " .. food, movies, trips, weather and family.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Stormy Sunday

It is a perfect day to spend in the house with the cats.
They just like to nap whatever the weather, today it is cozy inside .. napping cats, National Geographic on television and the laundry going.

I noticed when I came up stairs that wherever Honey is and whatever she is doing, she will haul herself up and follow me. When I go wherever it is I am going, she will soon be curled up in the room with me .. She is a Mama's Girl.

Minette is my little warrior .. I wish I was as brave as that tiny blue cat.

Merlin ... Merlin is a lover. He just looks good and snuggles and purrs.. there is no need for him to do anything more.

It is pouring down rain and very cozy inside with no a/c on, that is a treat !
I am going to read a new mystery I downloaded to Kindle ... make lists for packing, etc and proceed with the plans for the Future.

Not a bad day ... how is your Sunday going ?

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Home sweet home. In Argentina.
It was like a dream, being in Buenos Aires, having a home similar to many in France as well as being able to furnish it just the way I wanted to. Most things were ours but we bought the sofa there and brought along our antique lamps and this and that.
The living room faced the street, the back of the apartment where our bedroom was located faced the back ... which was also the gardens and backs of the other buildings so we slept in a quiet peaceful room with views of sky and doves nesting outside the windows. Cooing woke me each morning.

Sometimes, it seems like it was all a dream. Everything about it was lovely, we were so happy, we were all together .. Pup, my husband and I ..

I am so glad I am always taking photos of everything .. now that I am the only one left, I can remember by going through the photos ... Memories ... sad happy wonderful memories.

I Want To Be A Cat

When I met my husband I was just 21 .. he was older. I was a girl from NC by way of California and he was born and raised in NYC .. although he spent quite a lot of time living in London and India.

I was living in California, came to NYC on a visit, met my husband the first couple of days in the city and we were married a couple of months later.

So I spent half my life so far with my husband... I picked up phrases he used and little ways of doing and saying things.
He was really smart and very well traveled and sophisticated.
We were a perfect couple and I am not sure why ... old souls perhaps .. but we were so very happy.

I lived with him for many years, from the young age of early 20s ... I picked up many of his ways of thinking about things ( a good thing) and his ways of saying things ( a funny thing) and mostly just his way of not taking some things so seriously ( a very good thing if you can manage it)...

I grew up with him.. in all ways .. and I try to think of how he would manage something if I am just flummoxed by a particular behavior or something someone says to me ... I like to think that I have kept my sense of humor, although that seems to be the problem.

So many people take every single thing so seriously. Of course, to them it probably is serious but it seems that people expect everyone else to be distressed, worried, angry over someone else's problem.

I have learned about this the Hard Way.
The most recent being yesterday when I took a persons comments to be humorous.
BEEEG mistake. This is someone who has known me for a very long time ( online) and I was there for them through some pretty sad days ... days when this person was reeling from the death of a spouse. Having had a bit of that experience myself .. I try to be aware of how such a loss can change a persons personality.

For me ... it made me less likely to think before I speak.
It made me want to make someone laugh rather than moan and groan and be dreary .. nothing makes people run for the exit than a dreary widow ... or so I have been told.
Yes... one of the things that gets lost is the ability to be polite or kind in other people and the complete lack of a sense of humor.

So someone I know (for years) who has been through the same issues (loss etc) said something in an email that was just so sad and yet there was this one thing that was said that made me feel that this person was feeling worse because this person is drinking .... too much.
I would never say anything .. that is on that list of easy ways to lose a friend.
But then, what do you think happened ?  I spoke frankly without being silly or fluffy about something and I was immediately criticized and dropped ... no more friend.

It is a good thing I have 3 cats. They always like it when I talk to them, they never judge and they never walk out on me.
I try to listen to them but they don't expect much, love and kindness generally do the trick.
Unlike some people who pretend to be "friends" ...

I think I want to be a cat ... when I die I will come back as a well fed cat .. with long claws ..

Friday, July 21, 2017

Art Everywhere

Buenos Aires Street Art
You can sort of get an idea why this place is so great ... artists are encouraged, musicians, graffiti , dancers, you can see it all, on  the street, here or there ... and as you walk down the street, you hear music, in shops, restaurants, cars ... one of my favorite memories is having to go across town for some final paperwork for our residency ..
We got a taxi with a driver with a fabulous voice.
He sang along to every song on the radio.
We were so entertained, it was enchanting .. this was the taxi ride that I judged all others by ..
Walking down the sidewalk, sitting at a traffic light, always looking out the windows, looking at the buildings .. art everywhere .. music... I sure do miss it ~

Thursday, July 20, 2017


After an exhaustive review of the research literature, here’s the final word on nutrition and health.:

Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
Germans drink beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
The French eat foie-Gras, full fat cheese and drink red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. 
Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another side

Now you can see another side to Minette ... the kitten that just plays until she collapses.
I know, she looks like she had One too many ... but it was all cat games and running up and down a staircase .. terrorizing a senior cat who mostly looked at her and went back to sleep.
But even Honey who is not slim kitty, bounded after Minette. Who beats us all with energy levels.

Now it is kitty nap time.

If I was a meanie, I would run the vacuum now.
But instead, I think I will do something exciting like the laundry.

Happy Wednesday ...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was this tiny blue kitten, whose mama was just too tired so she lay down in the snow and fell asleep. She was wrapped around her baby to protect her .. some human was walking in the snow and imagine their surprise when they found the tiny baby curled up next to her dead mama.
He rushed the kitten to Animalkind in Hudson NY where the vets and the wonderful people who work there, tirelessly, kept that tiny blue baby alive.

One day this lady walked in o the place.
She was newly widowed and very sad and lonely.
She had been thinking about getting a cat but her grief made her unable to do more than think about it, acting on it seemed such an exhausting proposition.

But one day, she had just enough energy to drive over and go inside.
The people there knew her from her previous visits and they were always so kind.
She walked in and there was one lady at the desk and the place was silent and no cats to be seen.

I walked over to the desk and said there are no cats ?
And she smiled at me and looked behind me .... I turned around and there was this tiny blue kitten, stalking me. I picked her up and she began to purr.
We both fell in love. At first sight.
I brought her home with me and the two of us slept together and ate together and she acted like she cared when I talked to her and she told me how she missed her Mama and I told her how I missed my husband and the two of us helped mend our broken hearts.

to be continued :

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What do you Appreciate ?

Not what you ordinarily think of when you picture Alaska, is it ?
Beautiful, aren't they ?
I have a friend who lives in Alaska, which happens to be where a few of my family live and used to live.I have cousins here and there, from Alaska.. it is a shame I have never gone there ..

And here I am in Florida, there are no Poppies growing around me but there is a forest behind me.
This morning, as I stood there in the lanai, with my first cup of coffee, the cats and I waking up and enjoying the not too hot sunshine, the silence of the forest ...
I glanced at Minette who was staring hard at the bird feeder next door .... the birds are so happy and busy and drive Minette crazy.
But this was not a bird. This did make Minette a little crazy though .. a baby racoon.
I was a little crazy too.
It is official, there is nothing as cute as a baby racoon .. trying to find its way inside a bird feeder.
Mama came along and took him back to the woods.
Which made me glad ... Humans are dangerous.

  I am appreciating the woods .. the cats are appreciating the warm sun on the lanai ..... What are you appreciating ?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Alvear "

The Alvear Hotel Bar, if you want Posh .. here you have it.
My husband and I walked all over Buenos Aires, we lived in Recoleta and wandered the neighborhoods, going through the miles of parks into the museums and other areas, Palermo Botanico which was next door to Recoleta.
At the end of a day of walking and talking and shopping and looking, he loved to sit at the bar at the Alvear Hotel and sip a glass of very good Malbec.
I sometimes drank something sparkling but mostly not .. I am plagued with a condition that is really not fair to anyone .. I get an instant headache from alcohol, especially wine. Apparently there are Things in wine that cause an allergic reaction .. sinuses close up, head aches ..
It is generally not worth it ... then I found out that vodka rarely does that .. lol ... so I had a lovely Bloody Mary in the Alvear Hotel Bar ..
There were days it was fun to sit at the bar but mostly we sat at a table and had a snack too.
And people watched .. British musicians, singers, actors ... it seemed to be the Hotel of Choice.
We should have stayed there one night, just to see how it compared to the other luxury hotels we had been in ..

so here you have it ... if you want Posh and you need a hotel, The Alvear Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

And no, this is not an advertisement :)

Saturday, July 8, 2017


It is a very hot day in Florida and storms are forecast. This is Summer.
The photo is a warm day in Buenos Aires ... that is Spring.
Here, it is always green. In Buenos Aires, Spring was looked forward to, the colors of all the flowers and the trees and walking in warm sunshine without a coat .. much like anywhere but Florida, I don't think they ever need coats in Florida.
I wish I was back in BA .

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday, July 3, Florida

Sunshine, napping cats, blue skies with huge clouds , very warm but not too bad ... air conditioning runs night and day.
Birds are very busy in the woods in back. Large and small and all vocal and busy.
Cats are slothful .. each napping in their favorite spot .. after a couple of hours, a little movement then a new spot to nap in for a few more hours.
My little adventurer keeps watch ..

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Boy do I miss that room.
The windows were the french door style... looking out onto the "air" space behind all the buildings ... the room was very quiet.  I would wake in the morning and look way up there and watch the light twinkling on the crystals in the chandelier ..
My husband bought me flowers every week .. there were always some in the bedroom .
A typical 1930s apartment building, marble hall floors, cage elevator, marble staircase winding up around the elevator .. 2 apartments to each floor .. so the living room looked out over the front, the sidewalks and 4 lane "boulevard " .. it was One way when we moved there, they made it 2 way traffic after a couple of years, we never noticed it being that much noisier .. the bedroom in the back was silent. Except in the mornings when the doves would wake up .. they slept in our a/c unit by the window.
I had a doves nest in the window box outside the kitchen .. baby doves .. ugly little fragile things.. but they lived !
Funny, I look at this place I am living in now, the house we lived in when we came back to the US .. the furniture has fit and looked good / or made the rooms look good ... in all the places.
Maybe it is time to try a new place with new rooms to try things out in :)

Friday, June 30, 2017

Live Like a Cat

Hurricanes make beautiful skies.
We are not having a storm , at least not yet, hopefully not at all, but the skies were gorgeous today.
Sunset just showed it off more ... the clouds look solid, as if they could be walked on ...

The cats and I had a totally lazy day.
It is their fault, they are teaching me to live like a cat ...

*Don't get all fussed over things,

*Don't worry, Eat and Sleep then Eat andTake a Nap .. Bath, Nap, Eat , I did it all.

I am relaxed and now we are all going to bed ... to Sleep. .

Only cats are allowed to Purr though ..

Thursday, June 29, 2017

How To Register So You Can Leave Comments on Blogs (my blogs)

To Comment  you can be a Registered User, Anonymous, a Member/Follower of the Blog or a User with a Google Account ..

You can see at the bottom  of the blog post, 0 comments etc ... if you click on that, it will take you to the form where you post your own comment.
It is so easy that I have forgotten how to do it but this is generally what you do.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful. I love hearing your kind, helpful, funny comments .. I don't want advice but everything is else good ...

Thank you !

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's Wednesday

yawn ~

I made all kinds of plans, sitting downstairs having coffee, watching the cats decide where to get the best nap in the sun spot .. which sadly for them was non existent, no sun today, although it is quite warm, there is a storm on the way.

I got panicky, then realized there is plenty of food and no warnings to worry about or be worried by .. it will just be a summer storm and I am staying home and being lazy.
It's the cats fault, their laziness is contagious.
Soon I will be fascinated by a string hanging on a door .. or that stuffed toy on the chair..

I have some good books to choose from, I will read and nap and have pasta and salmon for dinner.

My day is all planned ..  I have the music picked out ... listen ...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday Photo

Along the boulevard, Buenos Aires, Argentina ...

It's Tuesday Already ??

When you have no job , no  appointments to keep, when there is no one besides a couple of cats to feed and the weather is nice every day ...One sort of loses their concept of time and space .... a little bit like a Star Trek episode.

I wake up to the same sounds .. lack of ... to the same little warm bodies ( unless Honey chased everyone else away) then there is just one very large soft cozy body ... in my own bed, in a lovely bedroom, in a beautiful 2 story condo that is at least as large as my last house.
And a similar view of forests and green lawns with a bird or two.

Hummingbirds , stork-like birds, tiny tiny birds that sing and sing ... buzzards floating overhead sometimes, making me remember those scenes in old Westerns in the movies, desert, heat, buzzards circling a dead cow ..

Now and then, there is a sound, that I can't explain, but it makes me drop what I am doing, run to the lanai and look Up !
And there go the jets from the Naval Base .. sometimes almost straight up .. sometimes just loud and (silly me) thrilling ..

I never hear traffic. I never hear other people talking , I heard a dog bark maybe twice. There is a man who walks a collie, the collie is small and insane. Beautiful but totally insane.
It barks as it walks. Not upset, not aggressive, just mad as a hatter.
And the owner has no clue as to how to walk a dog that barks down a street of homes .. when there are people who might be sleeping or just not wanting to hear his poor insane dog bark.

I had forgotten what it was that made Florida hard on me the last time I lived here, Jacksonville anyway... it all looks exactly the same.
Flat, development after development .. same architecture, same trees and churches and buildings..
So I find it a challenge to not get lost when there is no "landmark" to go by when finding my way back home.

Right about the time I am ready to leave here, I will know the way around.
Lucky for me, the highway is not far away .. I can't get lost, getting to the highway headed North .

We are in some sort of storm watch.
It is super humid and very warm and very still .. not a breath of air, not a hint of a breeze  .. the cats are preparing for their morning naps.
I am tempted to join them.

But instead, I might do a bit of Online Shopping.
The websites that are my current favorites are ....

Amazon (of course)



Trapp Candles

Jacquie Lawson


So how is your weather ? Are you shopping today too ? Where ?
Have a good Tuesday ...

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Bedroom

This was our bedroom in Buenos Aires.
I have the same bed, rug, furniture but somehow, that room looks nothing like the bedroom I have now. Here. In Florida. In a modern condo.
The ceilings are high here but no one can put up a chandelier for me. That's ok ... I am not staying long enough to bother.
Yeah, that is the New Decision made this week, more on that later.

I have always liked architecture .. I thought I was going to Art School to be a Fashion Illustrator, too bad I didn't go for the Architecture courses instead ..

So here we are ... in a sterile loft style condo in Florida.
Behind my home is a forest ... a State Forest so it is relatively free of bears and humans.
A green snake came out of that forest and stopped by for a quick visit .. the cats still haven't gotten over that and I am more alert to surprise visitors but so far, everything is quiet and peaceful.

I had the wrong thing or too much of something last night so I am not feeling well and will be spending a bit of time in that bed  there ... naps are good when you feel icky.
Of course, with my perfect timing , I got sick when my baby brother comes to visit.
I never have visitors and I rarely see my brother ... my timing sucks.

The cats and I are in our pajamas, it seems later, I have been up for hours already .. they will nap out in the sun .. I will go lie on my bed and moan quietly ...
Talk to you later ... she whimpers quietly ....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Looking Back While Looking Forward

Sunday Feria

Our First Night in Buenos Aires

On the corner where we lived

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

London Fire Tragedy

My heart goes out to the people in London, the families and children and all of those who have lost loved ones, lost their homes and pets and belongings.

This is the most tragic news ..  London Fire

Monday, June 12, 2017

No words

Because I am just bereft of anything to talk about unless it is Sephora, computers making life difficult rather than easy and bad weather in Florida ... I have nothing to say.
So I will leave you in lovely peace and quiet with a photo of happier times ...

Talk to you again soon ...

The view from inside our home in Buenos Aires .. looking out at the big wide street full of sound and light and life and enchantment.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I woke up a tiny bit later ... closer to 8 am than 7 am ... why ? why ?

Cats ... that is why. They absolutely hate to see you sleep when they are awake.

So I put   off  getting up, as long as possible then trudged downstairs to ladle out the kibble and    canned food then noticed the blanket on the dog bed was all tangled up.

I groaned and said Minette !!!

You see, for some reason .. Minette has decided to use the dog/cat bed as her morning toilet.
This little cat has never had an "accident" in the house, even when I know she was "holding it " .. but for some reason, she has lately decided to use the dog bed as her giant litter box.

So things are in the wash ... it is just 8:30 am !!!!

She and I had a talk ... I know she has always had stomach problems since I got her ... she saw many vets and was even given anesthesia and had things looked at ... but there is no explanation for her not using the litter box when she can go on the dog bed.
Which has not seen a dog in years and has been washed countless times.

So the washer is on.
Everyone in the feline way of thinking is napping on the lanai. I am blogging.
It is Sunday .. in the old days, someone would have brought me my first cup of coffee and a lot of kisses.
Now I clean up cat mess and trudge back upstairs with my cup of coffee to the computer to read the NYTimes.

Life sure has a way of changing..

This is what the bed is like .. we bought it at Orvis years ago.

I put a bath towel on the bed and so far no one is using the bed as a toilet.
If they/she does, it is just a towel and not a big dog bed cover.
So .. maybe things are settling down and everyone is feeling secure.

Thanks to "anonymous"  who emailed to let me know how offensive the title to my post was, I changed it a bit.
For anyone who was offended, I truly apologize, being an American, it was a day of the week to me and the title came to mind because of a song on the radio.
So I hope I am forgiven for my ignorance of certain issues that  certain people have in other countries.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Back Streets

No matter where we walked, there was always a delight around the corner, across the street, over in the next neighborhood.
We never tired of walking and exploring and discovering.
We only took a taxi if the weather was bad, or if the destination was really too far away. But we just loved to walk .. discovering streets and shops and parks .. sights .. soaking them in.
At the time, I never thought that I was not going to be living there forever ... or at least for many many years.
I enjoyed the discoveries of streets and parks that we never knew about ..
This photo was taken on one of those walks .. on a little back street, where the driveways and garages were, the next street was where the front doors were .. but even a back street had its beauty.

Friday, June 9, 2017


I never got tired of the sight of Jacaranda trees in Buenos Aires .. I was tiresome, I oohed and ahhed over the sight as if I had not seen them before ... every time I saw one.
This photo shows, perfectly, a typical day ... those amazing blue skies and then the colorful trees .. even when the trees were just green, it was So green !

Where I live now, I am glad to say that everything is very green.
But I think I prefer the green in Buenos Aires ... with a dash of purple here and there ..

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Flood Watch

You know those words do not thrill me, nor do they make me think to myself, Gee, I love living here.

We are not getting the hurricane or whatever storms there were down South but we are getting a lot of rain. Apparently it will be the cause of floods here ..

I have hope that the way my building is situated, the way the property slopes down-away from my building  ... that the woods in back will be safe , you know, like all the trees stand up, don't lie down.

I will be busy going through closets and making lists and talking to my realtor in New York.

In the world of Things to Watch .. Floods are not on my list ..
I would much prefer, Watching squirrels raiding the bird feeder, Autumn leaves piling up out in the yard, deer wandering around the fields .. Winter snow has lost its hold on me, I no longer fear or dread it.
I have been alone here since I arrived, it is actually worse than when I was so alone in NY.
In NY at least I knew my way around and shop people talked to me, I was familiar  with the place and the people and felt at home.
Here ... well,.. none of the above.

So the cats and I have been watching some silly show on television , videos of people doing crazy things or crazy things happening .. now I will get dressed and go find that big empty box ... I have some things to put into it.

I totally appreciate every comment I get.
I appreciate the fact that you stopped and posted your ideas or thoughts and show that you care.
What I would ask though , is that everyone refrain from giving me "Life advice" ...
I rarely take advice, yes, I am one of those people. And the truth is, as much as I feel like we are all friends, most readers have not met me and don't really know enough about me to give me personal advice.
So thank you for trying but thank you for not doing it anymore. Candice

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It was a dark and stormy .........

It was a dark and stormy night    day in Florida ... the lights are all coming on automatically, it is pouring rain, , steady downpours that will flood streets and neighborhoods.
There is no  terrible wind so far ... we can only hope it stays that way. .

Someone might call this a monsoon.
I call it a pain in the arse.
I also call it the Last Straw.

You know what I mean. A person can only take so much.

Moving to Florida turned out to be not my best idea ever.
I am just hoping the next idea is much better.

So this is about nothing but just being chatty ...
Does anyone use Sephora online for shopping for perfumes and make up etc ?
I have for years and when I moved here I thought I wouldn't have to, I could just stop at a shop.
But Florida being the way it is .. highways and a gazillion neighborhoods that look exactly alike, I get lost easily.
Yeah, I drove here from New York, alone with cats .. I did not get lost once.
I live here, I get in the car to go to a nearby neighborhood ... A NEIGHBORHOOD !! not a tiny shop on a tiny street that no one knows ... a whole big neighborhood and I couldn't find it.
I got lost. I stopped finally and asked the nice lady in a shop, where was I ... when she told me that I was basically closer to home than where I was going, I turned around .... and went home.
 I gave up.

When I moved in here, I did a bit of laundry. The washing machine just kept filling up. And filling up. And filling and overflowing and flooding.
Oh yes, the laundry room is on the second floor which is completely carpeted ... white carpet.

The next couple of weeks were spent with giant fans drying things, men cleaning things, new washers being delivered, being terrified to do that first wash .. still nervous every time I do a wash.

And now it rains. Buckets.
I should run out there and do a wash ...

The cats don't care. They kind of like it ... they sleep outside in the sun or inside on soft sofas and cushions .. I am definitely coming back as my cat when I die.
They can come back as me ... see how karma works in that scenario ...

These profound thoughts have been brought to you by Me ... on a dark and stormy day in Florida.

You may now tell me / us , what kind of day you are having and where ...

Monday, June 5, 2017

No words

                          Trees and moss growing on the roof ....

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Honey, You can stop mowing now ....

He was mowing the lawn. His wife took his photo. It was not coming towards them but away .. so no one was harmed taking this photo ..

photo: Times Colonist

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Saturday in Florida ... sunshine, warm, lazy, sleep late, take a nap, eat whatever you want, whenever.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jacksonville , Florida

This is what Jacksonville Florida, the city, looks like from across the river ... where I live.  I don't live close to the river ..but there you have it, Jacksonville.

Now for the pretty Southern stuff ...

Yeah, you drive down roads where the trees are lined along the sides with moss hanging off of them.
Even the churches are a bit glamorous ..
So there you have it .. a wee taste of Jacksonville Florida.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

That Face

Someone I miss , he lived around the corner from us .. his family owned the market we shopped in, almost every day.
Now he is walking and talking .. I miss seeing that face every day .. even if we didn't actually go shopping in their store, we would see him .. Oh that face .. he cheered up the day ...

Friday, May 26, 2017


It was a long boring week which ended with an even more boring day .. thank God for the cats or I would still be in bed ... since Monday .

It is quite beautiful here ... now and then a storm hits somewhere and weather men get overly excited and I get anxious then nothing happens.
They talk too much and never quite get it right.
I miss Al Roker lol ... a NYer will get it ..

I am about to have a spending spree online .. then wait, with excitement for the delivery .. then I will be bored again   😆

Blogger has changed the emoticons etc ... I just discovered it ... uh oh.

My blog has bogged down.
I am not going anywhere interesting to see anything interesting or hear anything interesting and I am always alone and only have cats for company so no one is wanting to hear more about that ..
I am boring.
I used to be fun.
Life used to be fun.
Now it is just boring ... with bored cats .. but at last today, there is no hurricane.

Plans are brewing though ... hopes for escapes from boredom, ideas on how to manage it ...

so if you stick with me, hopefully we will all be less bored in the next few months.

Thank you for sticking with me ..  here is a pink rose for you from me ..

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Enough is Enough

My heart goes out to the many many people who were wounded, the families who lost children, the husbands and wives and grandparents and everyone whose lives have been forever lost or dreadfully changed, in England.
Not just in Manchester, but throughout England, the family members, the friends who live elsewhere , the people who never met them but one day might have .... all the hope and promise of young people, gone. . in an instant .. taken by sub humans ..

How many innocents will be lost ?
How many tragedies in how many families and towns and cities will be suffered ?
How long does the rest of the Civilized World allow anything like this to ever even be possible again?

How can people who are in charge in various areas of the world, of governments, armies , towns and neighborhoods, not do something ?

I was not born yet , but like most Americans, I Remember Pearl Harbor ..
I was born and living in the NY area in September, 2001. I Remember ...
We all remember.
And we all should be thinking something along the same lines ... This Cannot Happen Again.

These Animals Have To Be Stopped ... in whatever way there is ..
The Murderers of Children and young people, cannot be allowed to exist.

It is Enough.
It is time  to do something about this ...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ahhh, Sunday B***** Sunday

I was allowed to sleep late ... well, later than 7 am.
I was not harassed or nagged about breakfast not appearing magically as I walked into the kitchen ..
I was met with a cup of very good coffee ( thank you Mr Coffee maker aka Cuisinart ).

The cats are enjoying a quiet / silent , warm, Sunday morning with a few clouds and whispers of Beeeg Storms on the way.

As long as I don't hear the H word, I am OK.

Speaking of H words ... the S word never scared me ...
Snow ..
I just knew I had to scurry to the stores and stock up on things and the only worry was that the heat/electricity stayed on.
And the sight of the utility bills at the end of winter ... that was kind of scary.

I am missing Home , big time.
I am quite comfortable here and really have no complaints .. only the missing of where I would rather be ...

Cats are funny.  They have such different personalities and likes and dislikes.
My grandmother had Siamese cats for years and years ... her last one was Suzie .. Suzie hated me.
I was her Rival.
If I was visiting and the cat was ,as always, sitting on the arm of the chair my grandmother liked .. if my grandmother talked to me, the cat would gently reach up and put her paw on my grandmothers mouth ....
Shhhhh .... don't talk to her .... make her go away ....

I am happy to say .. well, maybe not That happy, but when I have company, my cats are all over the visitor.
I should put a sign out - Beware of Cat Hair .. Enter at your own risk ...  Lint rollers available.

So the cats and I are spending a nice quiet Sunday , with books, interesting tasty food and plotting and planning.

Wishing you a Lovely Sunday .. you can tell me about it if you like ...

Nothing like a cat chat

My beautiful boy Merlin .. he pats my face with those huge hairy paws .. gentle as can be...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Look Forward

I had a dream last night.
In that dream, I had a dog.
He looked an awful lot like my dog Tate, "Pup" ... a large brown  Standard Poodle.
He was just walking on the street, I called his name, he ran right to me and walked beside me.
He was my Good Boy.

I hated waking up this morning.
I have dreamt of people that I have lost, the same feeling is there upon awakening ... disappointment .. a fresh feeling of loss and a bit of grief.. it was just a dream.

I am alone too much ... with cats. Who should be able to speak English soon.
Or I will be speaking Cat. I just wish they were like dogs, that we could go outside together, take a walk, do something a bit more than lie on the sofa/bed/floor and purr.
Well, I don't purr ... not yet.

I keep making plans. Looking Forward. Figuring things out .. preparing in my mind before I start preparing in "real life" ... reality ... ugh.

Today I might take my banker's advice ... I might go shopping.
Not online as usual .. although that is a possibility but I might find a shop nearby and get something new ... to wear around the house for the cats to see.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Good Day

Today was a good day.
A nice combination of good weather , a bank visit that ended up being an hour long chat fest with the bank lady, who is brilliant when it comes to making a nervous person feel safe and secure.
She even wrote out something and then at the bottom of the page, she said There Is NOTHING To Worry About ... she knows me ..

I spent a very long time with her, 75 percent social, 25 bank business.

I came home after that and talked to the cats, discussed dinner and what to watch on tv with the cats then proceeded to take a mini nap with Merlin.

After dinner, I figured I would watch something on tv but the pickings are poor, I would rather go to bed and read until I am sleepy.
Merlin beat me to it, he is in my bed , sleeping.

Minette is in her basket on the counter downstairs .. this basket is beautiful and sometimes holds fruit. Now, it holds a little blue cat.

Honey, God bless her, waddles into the living room with her short little legs with dainty tiny feet, and falls into the dog bed where she sleeps until I come upstairs to bed. Then she is right there with me .. she adopted me. It was a good decision.

I have nothing really to say.
I am just relieved about some things that were nagging at me and worrying me.
I will need a little time to adjust to not having that worry ..
But it will happen. Finding something new to plan and figure out is good for keeping worrisome thoughts away ... now what to plan ?

How was your day? Busy ? Weather good ? Anything to look forward to ? plans ? Plans are good.

Can you imagine if I got a small dog ? with Honey being so huge and the other two just being shocked at the sight of a dog in their house ? I can't imagine it. Not even if the dog was small.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Here and There

I am homesick for Buenos Aires and certain people that are not here anymore so I am going to be just posting photos mostly and a lot of them will probably be familiar to you ..
Sitting around alone in a nice condo where the weather is beautiful is not punishment, nor is it that interesting to talk about .
So expect photos of Other Places for a while ... but Plans are being hatched, Hopes are trying to stay high, Cats are napping and there is no Hurricane on the horizon so for now- all is well.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Some Rain Would Be Nice

Once upon a time the world was full of smoke and there was much worry in certain quarters about the Forest a few feet from their home and how they would get 3 cats into a crate into a car and on the road heading North where they would feel safe ...

Then the nice weatherman said it might rain and there was rejoicing and relief.

But then in the morning, the sun rose ( the moon was absolutely fabulous btw) and the sky is hazy with smoke and while the fires are not a threat to certain areas, there are still forests burning and some people wish they had stayed where they were before they ever packed up their cats and left.
And everyone is tired of the sound of sirens and worrying about those woods out back.

to be continued.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Keep Calm, Carry On

This is a cloud.
Made of smoke.
There is a forest fire, causing quite a lot of smoke.
I am / the entire State of Florida, is hoping it will rain tonight.
Otherwise ....
So ... my daughter is on a vacation.
Driving .. out West .... with a camera, thank goodness !

Yesterdays photo :

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